As Executive Director, Lowrance is responsible for managing the delivery of mental health, intellectual disabilities, and early childhood intervention services …

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(361) 886-6918

Mental Health Services for Adults

(361) 886-6970

Mental Health Services for Children

(361) 851-6726

Early Childhood Intervention Services

(361) 980-9652

Intellectual Disabilities Services

(361) 884-9854

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(844) 379-0330

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Texas Veteran Portal

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Employment Options

Employment Options

Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County is always looking for bright, compassionate, and driven people to join our team! If you are interested in a position with BHCNC please view our current Employment Options.

Community Connection

Community Connection

Stay tuned! We are currently working to provide you with a new way to be involved in the BHCNC health community!

Military Veteran Peer Network

Military Veteran Peer Network

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