Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who qualifies for services at Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County?
    • Residents of Nueces County:
    • Adults diagnosed with sever and persistent mental illness;
    • Kids, ages 3-17, with a severe emotional disturbance;
    • Individuals with intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, autism, or pervasive developmental disorder;
    • Children, ages birth to three years, with developmental disabilities.
  • What if I don’t qualify for services?If an individual does not qualify for services from Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County, then she/he is referred to other service agencies in the community.
  • How much do services cost?Fees for services are based on a sliding scale that includes family size and family income. The Center also accepts Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and some private insurances.
  • What happens after I call about services?A caller will be given an appointment with an intake and/or an admissions counselor. The Admissions Counselor will discuss Center services and the applicant’s options for those services. All information about our services provided or requested is kept strictly confidential.
  • Where do I call for services?
    • Adult Mental Health Services:(361) 886-6970
      1546 S. Brownlee, 78404
      Robstown – (361) 387-3588
    • MH Youth Services:(361) 851-6726
      3733 S. Port, 78415
    • Intellectual Disabilities Services:(361) 884-9854
      1502 S. Brownlee
    • Early Childhood Intervention/Infant Development Program: ECI/IDP provides eligible children age’s birth to 3 years. Call for assessment:
      (361) 980-9652
      212 Staples
  • How can I find out about other services and/or organizations?Go to the Home Page and click on “Resources.”
  • What job openings do you have?Go to the Home Page and click on “Employment Options.”
  • How can I volunteer for Behavioral Center of Nueces County?Go to the Home Page and click on “Volunteer.”
  • How do I become a part of the Planning and Network Advisory Committee?Planning and Network Advisory Committee: Planning & Network Advisory.pdf