Speakers Bureau

BHCNC Speakers Bureau is a service provided by dedicated BHCNC employees and volunteers who strongly believe in the services provided to our community by Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County.

Our goal is to help inform and educate the community of the valuable service our organization’s programs provide the community through the daily work we do with people from Nueces County who are in need of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities service.

Although BHCNC has been around for over 40 years the general public when polled about their knowledge of the services BHCNC provides the community demonstrated limited knowledge about our services.

While BHCNC depends mostly on funds from local, state, and federal government entities, to finance our organization’s programs we find that cut backs in these areas currently and in the future could hinder some of the very important work we do for our local community in Nueces County. Therefore, contributions in manpower, time, talent, or monetary from our local community will be greatly appreciated and will be mentioned during the course of our speech.

Please fill out the request form for speaker’s bureau presentation so that we can work successfully towards delivering an informative and motivational presentation for your group.

Thank You.


Ignacio Trevino

Director Human Resources / Community Relations